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Janet Carroll “JC” Richardson is the executive producer and founder of the Unsung Heroes Network. She is an award-winning writer, producer, journalist, author, public speaker and leading expert on heroes. JC has produced television specials, films, documentaries and news segments throughout the U.S. and in international markets. She has also been featured in numerous articles, as well as television and radio programs.

The storytellers

Unsung Heroes Network is a labor of love that arose from a television program that began in 1988, at just one television station (ABC Dallas), and with just one sponsor (Southwest Airlines). Although UHN founder, JC, was a young single mother at the time, she so believed in the movement that she borrowed money on credit cards to produce the

first pilot. Within a few short years, it had exploded into markets all

across the country and abroad, and garnered virtually every media

award. Over the last 28 years, the series has expanded into television specials, news and radio segments, documentaries,

films, a newspaper column and published book.

JC Richardson & Atticus George Carroll

JC Richardson 

Atticus George Carroll

Best Feature Reporting
Associated Press Awards
community service
Governor's Awards
Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the World
matrixs awards
Progress of Women
Outstanding Work in Communications
Portrayal of People
Community Service, News/Public Affairs



Atticus George Carroll is a producer and reporter for the Unsung Heroes Network. She has been a part of UHN since she was just a kid, traveling and shooting stories with her mom, JC. While remaining involved with UHN, Atticus studied communication and journalism; completed law school; and continues to work in entertainment law, the

music business and international human rights.

ABC Hero Award

Unsung Heroes are ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell. 

They engender hope, provide sustenance, break addictions and defeat despair. Some are miracles themselves, having made it through their own personal hell to become better people.

Others have risen above all obstacles, to help those in need. 


We shine a spotlight on the good people all around us, and spread the positive messages of those overcoming adversity, giving back and making the world a better place. We want to raise awareness for social change, by sharing the stories of those who unite us and inspire us to be better.

emmY nominations
Outstanding Documentary
Reporting Speciality
Outstanding Entertainment Program

the story of uh

Established 1988

"In a darkening night under a waning moon,

these people are the shining stars by which we

may re-orient ourselves, and find our way." - JC

"There is still good in the world. There is some good in all of us. We just have to see it, share it and give it the attention it deserves." - Atticus

Traveling the world

in search of Unsung Heroes 

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