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Established 1988


Unsung Heroes are ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell. 

They engender hope, promote tolerance, defeat despair, overcome adversity and seek justice. Some are miracles themselves, having made it through their own kinds of personal hell to become better people. Others have risen above all obstacles, to help those in need. 

We shine a spotlight on the good people all around us...those who give a damn, give back and make this world a better place. By sharing the positive messages and stories of those who inspire and unite us, we hope to raise awareness for social change.

"In a darkening night under a waning moon,

these people are the shining stars by which we

may re-orient ourselves, and find our way." - JC


UHN is known for the Unsung Heroes television series and book.

As a young, single mother, JC so believed in the movement, that she borrowed money on credit cards to produce the first pilot.

Within a few years, UH became a critically acclaimed series,

expanding into national and international markets. Since then,

UHN has been featured in films, documentaries, talk shows,

radio, television, newspapers and digital media.

"There is still good in the world. There is some good in all of us. We just have to see it, share it and give it the attention it deserves." - Atticus

Best Feature Reporting
Associated Press Awards
community service
Governor's Awards
matrixs awards
Progress of Women
Outstanding Work in Communications
Portrayal of People
Community Service, News/Public Affairs
ABC Hero Award
emmY nominations
Outstanding Documentary
Reporting Speciality
Outstanding Entertainment Program
Multiple Categories
Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the World

The storytellers

JC Richardson & Atticus George Carroll

JC Richardson is creator of UHN, and an award-winning producer, writer, and journalist. Atticus George Carroll 

is a producer for UHN, and an entertainment attorney. 

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