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Est. 1988

Christmas in Action. Joe B. Wiles / Vance Air Force Base; Iris Stevenson & the Crenshaw High School Choir. Twitter: petesouza4; Joy Bianchi. Leilani Marie Labong _ 7x7; Charles Strobel. George Walker IV / The Tennessaen; Montgomery Lee Photography / Angel Heart Farm Blog;
W Mitchell.; Thistle Farms. Lindsey Freitas / Nourishing the Planet; Farmers Occupy the Mall 1979. Jo Freeman /    

The Priest & The Prostitutes

Becca Stevens (Story & Video)

I don't know what, exactly, I expected in a priest who helps prostitutes…but Becca, this unassuming, barefoot, hippy soul, wasn’t it. Becca has dedicated her life to helping women escape prostitution, addiction and trafficking. To get these women off the streets, she established a two-year residency program that offers free housing, education, therapy, job training, legal assistance, food, medical care and more. Although women were thriving in the program, she realized that because most of them had criminal records and little job history, there were very few career opportunities for them and they were still dirt poo. So, Becca founded Thistle Farms -- a social enterprise that makes bath and body products and is operated by women from the program. Through this organization the women gain experience in manufacturing, sales and marketing, and the proceeds go right back into the program to help more women. Thanks to Becca’s vision, through love and healing, hundreds of women have been given a second chance.

Photo. Godspower Oshodin; Video excerpt. Thistle Farms; Photo.; Photo, Becca Stevens. Hunter Armistead / Thistle Farms; Photo

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